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• The best weatherfastness in the street banner business.
• Sharp printing.
• Attractive prices.

A street banner can be sewn traditionally, but it can also be supplied on a roll. In the case of the second option, we supply non-woven rolls, which allows you to cut as required and then nail, staple or stretch it out. This type of material is very competitively priced.

Fence wrap (crush barrier banners/street banner fencing)

The largest sporting events of the past 5 years have purchased their street banner fencing and flags from Faber Flags. We received orders for at least 100 kilometres. Olympic-standard references!

What are the key properties that street banners must demonstrate?

Street banners must be able to hang for a long time. Resistance to wind and sun. We have six durable fabric grades for street banners to suit particular applications.

Colour impact
Our colouring agents meet the highest standards for colourfastness.

Printing result
Sharp and detailed prints are a must for effective street banners.

When you take the above details into consideration, Faber Flags stands for achieving the right balance between price and quality. Just ask us for a quote and we will prove it to you. Just make the comparison.

Other features
There are dozens of finishing options available.

The choice depends on the positioning and the message.