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Expotent professional: Long lasing power

In just 2 minutes and without any additional tools you can assemble this professional tent.

The name kkeps it promise: a reinforced support systém, an octagonal profile with a diameter of 45mm and a thickness of 2mm, an extra large base plate complete with many holes to safty secure the stant using a stake kit. This foldable tent is ideal for heavy use and can with stand general wear and tear.

The expotent professional is perfect for renters, event promoters, and anyone who wants a sturdy and long lasting foldable tent that will stand the test of time.

The expotent professional is suitable to use for all of your advertising and event promotion needs. Like all of our products on offer, this tent is easy and quick assemble.

What makes our tents ideal for pfessional use are the model´s EXTRAS like our GPR (silver-gray dyed reinforced fiberglass plastic) pieces, or the transport and assembly wheels which conveniently attach to each support leg, or our durable trasport transport bag and rolling case, in addition to the plastis sliders found in the aluminim profiles which allows the support legs to glide smoothly.

The expotent professional comes in a wide variety of sizes with plenty of advertising space for all types of users.

The tent´s entrance way varies in height between: - 2and 2,3m – the tent sizes: 3x3 m, 4,5x3 m and 6x3 m.
- 2 and 2,5 m – the tent sizes: 4x4 m, 5x5 m, 6x4 m, 8x4 m and 6x6 m.

- Large entrance way
- Transport wheels
- Octagonal profile
- Reinforced scissors profile

3x3 m, 4x4 m, 4,5x3 m, 6x3 m, 6x4 m, 5x5 m, 8x4 m and 6x6 m.

- Sidewalls
- Weights
- Rain gutters and telescopic bars
- Connections clamps